🎄Christmas Crossword Competition!🎄🎁

Have a go at this festive Crossword Puzzle – the first person to send it in with all the correct answers will win a prize! Some of the clues are easy, but some are more difficult.

The crossword can be completed online on computers, but there’s no guarantee it will work on phones or tablets! Good luck 🙂


1. The place where Kanakaloka might bring you your presents (6)
2. Who King Herod killed (6)
4. Sound a cracker makes (4)
7. The first Carol: Angels ____ (4)
9. Hark the ______ Angels Sing (6)
10. What candles first represented on Christmas Trees (5)
11. _____ Peter who sometimes travels with St Nicholas (5)
12. What Epiphany is known as in Spain: ______ de los tres Reyes Mages (6)
14. Another name for things like a Nativity crib scene (4)
15. A decoration found in a lot of homes (4)
16. The instrument that Silent Night was learnt to (6)
17. Two of the legendary Wisemen had these (6)


1. Where a yule log is put to burn (6)
3. People who started Wassailing, the Anglo ______ (6)
5. The place where the thickest ice was found: The _________ (9)
6. One of the gifts from the Magi (4)
8. A plant you can kiss under! (9)
11. The 26th of December is also known as ______ Day (6)
12. Some people do this during advent to help them prepare for Christmas (4)
13. Who told the Shepherds about Jesus? (6)

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