People often say that teenagers are in the flowering stage of life, and they belong to the good years of young people.  I remember a celebrity once said: “No one wants to be an ordinary person when they are young. No matter how ordinary a person is, they shouldn’t be inactive. Even if they have never been on the soccer field or on the stage, they have at least encountered ups and downs, even if they fail, even if they get injured, they will not give up the opportunity to accomplish their dreams.”  As youths, we may not be able to control many things by ourselves. Even though we are lonely and tired, we must continue to be strong. Youths are ignorant yet fearless , and young minds are persevering and determined.

I don’t think young people should stick to this little patch of sky. They should stand higher and farther to see what the world is like. They live, gleaming in this magnificent age, and youth is full of hope. The journey of life is scorching, but the future is shining brightly. Teenagers should be brave enough to head forwards, run forward, don’t look back.

During the period when I returned to China, I often talked with my friends about my ambitions. One day we were riding bicycles together on the campus of Tsinghua University. We filled our hearts with initiative. Strong youths make a strong country. At this moment, our bodies are filled with energy. We decided to start taking big steps towards our dreams. When the youth work hard, they live up to their time!  I believe that at some point In the future, I can say tranquilly; “I have been here, I have no regrets, I am happy.” Don’t leave regrets, for the sake of our youth and dreams, teenagers, work hard!




        疫情回国这段时间,常常与我年少的朋友聊关于自己理想的话题,有一天我们相伴骑车行走在在清华大学校园,更是将理想充斥在心间,少年强则国强,我们浑身充满了力量,这一刻已下定决心迈开大步奔向我们的梦想。         少年努力正当时,不负韶华不负己!相信在将来某一刻,我们能够平静地说,“我来过,我无悔,我快乐。”不要留下遗憾,为了青春,为了梦想,少年们,奋斗吧!

李若曦/ Lucy Ruo Xi Li
E Block, Tudor, Rugby School Thailand

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