“In the human  body, there are approximately 37 trillion cells, working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, full of energy.” —’Cell at work’

This anime can help you understand more intuitively about how various cells function in your body, and the anthropomorphic image makes it much more entertaining as well. Science is the foundation of cell personification, but if you blindly pursue perfect knowledge to be taught, it will make people feel that the information is forcibly instilled into their brain and so the sense of preaching is way too heavy. When this is the case, a moderate combination of fantasy on the basis of science is perfect, giving the cells different personalities. They become cute, which focuses on both rigorous science and romantic fantasy.

Take platelets as an example, the designed petite body can stimulate people’s desire to protect them. The innocence and cuteness are expressed in details such as vocal speech, facial expressions, and body movements which is further interpreted as “Cute is Justice”. So when the platelets in the “Cell at work : Black” became grumpy due to the bad working environment (it’s inside the human body, which means that it happens when the body is weak and sick), they’re called “Platelet boss”, which forms a great contrast with the image of platelets in the first season. Since the direct translation of Platelets are ‘Little platelets’. The contrast has formed a type of unique cuteness, which is deeply loved by the audience.

At the same time, you will also have a new understanding of your body. The cells in your torso don’t care about your exam results, they only care about whether you stay up late, have a healthy diet, or if you are in a good mood. There are so many cells in the body working hard for you and the quality of your life, so it’s inadequate for us to hurt our own body. No matter when, health is always a very important aspect.

In January this year, the series came to an end. The last episode concluded with a battle between the cells and Covid 19. This informs us that now, at this time,  is a very necessary moment to pay attention to your own physical health. I think the significant meaning of “Cell at work” has far surpassed the entertainment part of the anime. Even if “Cell at work” has finished, don’t forget to always be grateful for the cells in your body by loving yourself and your body.






王钦恒/ Helen Qinheng Wang
E Block, Rupert Brooke, Rugby School Thailand

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