My childhood was always great, I seriously don’t know where to start. There are way too many happy things in my childhood. I have so many good memories. I couldn’t believe I’m already 14 years old. Time actually flies.  I always wonder what I will do when I grow up, and what kind of people I will meet.  I’m no longer that playful kid anymore. When I get older I always ask myself why I want to grow up. Being a child is great. We don’t have to worry about things that I have to deal with today, and I never worry about what kind of person I will be when I grow up. Life is always difficult, and you have to go through it. In order to succeed it requires time and experience. All my time was wasted in my childhood. If we can do it again, I will try my best. When I was young, I was ignorant, playful, lazy, and thought my parents were annoying. When I was little, I took piano lessons and dancing lessons. It’s not terrible. But I was just lazy and selfish and felt very tired when I was a child. I can finally understand my parents and how hard they tried to raise me, I felt terrible how I treated them. If I can do it again, I will not disappoint my parents.  But there is no if. And this story taught me to work 10times harder than before to get the life I wanted.

我的童年永远是美好的,现在回忆起来都不知道从哪开始, 实在有太多美好的回忆了,一转眼我已经十四岁了,再也不是那个贪玩的小孩,有时候在想长大了会干什么,会和什么样的人玩。小时候期盼着长大,长大后总是在问小时候的自己为什么想要长大,也从没担心过长大了要做一个什么样的人。生活总是有难关,而你要踏过这个难关,需要时间和经验,而我的时间全部浪费在我的童年里面,如果我们可以再来一次,我会努力的去做每一件事情。小时候不懂事,贪玩,偷懒还嫌父母麻烦。其实上钢琴课和跳舞课也没那么糟糕,小时候觉得上这些课很累,到现在才知道父母也是为了我好, 如果可以再来一次我一定不会辜负我的父母,可是没有如果,只能现在更努力去得到我想要的生活。

黄溢程/ Stella Wongbhumirapee Yat Ching
E Block, Tudor, Rugby school Thailand

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