JiangJinJiu – Jerry Zhang XX

Have you not seen –

that the waters of the Yellow River come from upon Heaven,

surging into the ocean, never to return again;

Have you not seen –

in great halls’ bright mirrors, they grieve over white hair,

at dawn like black threads, by evening becoming snow.

In human life, accomplishment must bring total joy,

Pour liquor in and do not leave an empty goblet to face the moon.

The mighty divine made me – my abilities must have a purpose;

I gave thousands of golds to this world, but I believe they will be returned to me.

Boil a lamb, butcher an ox – now we shall be joyous;

we must drink three hundred cups all at once!

Master Cen,

Dan Qiusheng,

bring in the wine! –

Tonight, cups of liquor will run through our blood with no stop.

I will sing you a song,

I ask that you lend me your ears.

Bells, drums, delicacies, jade – they are not luxurious only in my eyes;

My only wish tonight is to be forever drunk and never sober again.

Since ancient times, sages have all been solitary;

But only a drinker can leave his name in the history,

The Prince of Chen, in times past, who held a feast;

ten thousand cups of wine – abandon restraint and be merry!

Why would a host speak of having little money? –

you must go straight and buy it – I will drink it with you!

my furs worth a thousand golds,

call the boy and have him take them to be swapped for fine wine,

and together with you, we will wipe out the tears and cares of ten thousand ages.

When the love from the monarch departs, may my wisdom prove enough

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