Japan Day 〜日本文化の体験〜 — Hikari Sugano (F)

We had a Japan day on 9th of October, and here is an article written by Japanese F block how she felt about the day.


— Silent Voice (2017)



A few days ago, as part of our F-block enrichment, we had an Activities Day to learn about Japanese culture. All the classes were cancelled for the day, so the children learned about Japanese culture through hands-on experience. The first activity was to watch the Japanese movie “Silent Voice”. This is a famous film in Japan, which is a love story between a deaf girl and a bully. I think all the students could easily relate to it. We watched it in Japanese with English subtitles. After watching the film, we were divided into groups to make posters about the film. I think the students of other nationalities were able to deepen their understanding of Japanese culture. In the afternoon, all the students made and ate sushi rolls together. Due to the coronavirus, we couldn’t use raw fish, but we wrapped vegetables with sushi rice and seaweed. The rolls were given to the students as gifts. They enjoyed it very much and it made me proud to be a Japanese person who is able to experience Japanese culture on a daily basis.

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