‘Isma, ou ce qui s’appelle rien’ — Esmée Grier

Last weekend a group of French linguists (and very talented actors) headed to London to the King Alfred School to perform an extract from the dark comedic play, ‘Isma, ou ce qui s’appelle rien’ by Nathalie Sarraute. We performed our play to a variety of schools and a panel of three judges, who would assess us on our acting, conviction and most importantly our French. Performing in front of anyone is nerve-wracking and even more so in another language. This made it difficult to stay focused as you were busy panicking about how to pronounce the next phrase or if you remembered the words in the right order, and then you still had to deliver your lines eloquently (which everyone did).

The most challenging aspect of this experience was to convince the audience to believe what you said, even when you weren’t sure what you were saying yourself! Although performing in French was no easy task, it is something I am glad to have done, as not only have I expanded my French, but I have also increased my cultural knowledge in the French world of theatrics.

Finally, I would like to say a big thank you, on behalf of the group, to Mlle Durieu for putting the whole performance together and staying patient with us (especially in the line learning area). 

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