An interesting article ๙ ศาสตรากับคุณความดี ๕ ประการในโครงการ โตไปไม่โกง or 9 Satra with 5 virtues of the Growing Good Programme written by Latte Phichayakorn Ueauaichai (D Block). 

9 Satra or The Legend of Muaythai: 9 Satra is a Thai animated film. It tells the story of Aod, a young man who’s been ingrained with a duty to train in muay Thai for many days and nights for many years so to be able to retrieve 9 Satra, a special armor, to save Rapthep City from monstrous giants. Along the journey, he befriends a monkey, a giant and a Chinese pirate girl, his father, his teacher, who all join him on his adventure.

According to the animation story, Latte found moral character traits from the charecters in 9 Satra which are perfectly match with The “Growing Good” programme which is organized by Bangkok province, Center for Public Interest and Civil Society: National Institute of Development Administration NIDA and Fact Foundation. The programme aims to empower Thai youths by teaching them about social values and ethics in order to fight corruption. The content covers the five virtues which are 1. Honesty and Integrity 2. Greater Good (Public consciousness) 3. Fairness and Justice 4. Responsibility and Accountability 5. Sufficiency and Moderation, and these help to build a nation.

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