Thierry Mugler — Esmée Grier (LXX)

The iconic fashion designer, Manfred Thierry Mugler has died at 73 this January. Mugler was born in Strasbourg, France in 1948 and his brand was born in Paris, 1974 after showing his creations for the first in 1973. Mugler studied at the School of Fine Arts and danced with the opera there. The forceful cuts and figure-hugging shapes, he became known for were inspired by the shapes of dance and rhythmic music he trained to in the 1960’s. Mugler’s archetype was an Amazonian woman, strong and in control. This led him to fixate on the female fatale and silhouettes such as the inverted triangle and the classic hourglass shape. His looks were soon labelled avant-garde as their unusual asymmetrical and tight shapes followed the classic ‘New Look’ era created by Dior. Mugler’s avant-garde designs started to become popular amongst the influential fashionistas of the time such as Madonna, Bowie and Diana Ross – the same people who would also be followers of his soon to be friend Jean Paul Gaultier. In 1992 he launched his own perfume, one that is still worn by millions today, Angel. The perfume was described as different and very foodie in scent but by 1995 was smelt everywhere from Paris to New York.  Mugler who was first introduced to fashion readers in Vogue 1977 was described as ‘a loner,’ is now recognised as one of the starters of surrealist fashion in France in the 70’s. Now his designs are sort out by big names of the 21st century such as Cardi B, Bella Hadid, Kim Kardashian for the Met, Beyoncé for her tour outfits and Megan Fox at both the VMA’s and Billboard Awards.

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