The MFL Bake-Off, what happened?

The D Block MFL inter-house Bake-Off competition took place at Kilbracken House on 30th November 2021. Pairs of students from each of the houses competed to produce eight identical, nicely decorated Christmas cookies. At stake: two packets of Maryland cookies, and of course the coveted Bake-Off Trophy. All teams had a recipe written in either French, German or Spanish, which they had to follow (see Recipes section). The event was judged by two of our Modern Language Society Secretaries, Harriet and Walter.

The MFL bake-off went seemingly smoothly this year, as the D Block cookie makers did all they could to understand and to execute the orders from the recipe provided.

As the results were read out in the infamous Kilbracken dining room that has hosted this event  many times now, the mood was tense. Each team held their breath as the judges unravelled the artificially aged results scroll. It was at this point that inter-house rivalry peaked, with viscous glares being cast from all angles, as the lust for the title of greatest cookie creator loomed. The participants waited and the results were as follows:

 1st – Rupert-Brooke, with a team made up of Ella Pryke and Charlotte Steel
2nd – Bradley
3rd – Town House 2

Overall, the MFL Bake-Off was a great success as it demonstrated the talent of D Block cookie makers and it kicked off the season of Advent for the school in an interesting and exciting way. Congratulations to Rupert Brooke, the runners up and all those who helped to organise this competition.

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